Friday, December 18, 2009

Energy Needs

Former President A P J Abdul Kalam does not foresee any positive outcome from the Copenhagen climate change dialogue.  According to him there could be a some result in the ongoing summit if countries realise that energy security should be a part of the climate change.

Speaking to newspersons he said, “Climate change should be an integral part of a energy policy framework.” He said that without energy independence one cannot tackle problems posed by climate change.

Dr Kalam said 30 billion tonnes of 
carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through burning of fossil fuels through various modes including transportation.

Dr Kalam said, “India should go in for 
nuclear power and other sources of alternate energy such as solar, wind and biofuel to cut carbon dioxide emissions. 

Nuclear power as said by him should be totally avoided.  It poses a great threat to the surrounding areas and people residing there.  Other sources as said by him are totally welcome for immediate implementation.

He also said during the next two to three years the country should implement a massive tree plantation drive of planting one billion trees. This is a postive way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as each tree absorbs 24 kg of carbon dioxide in a year and lets out 10 kg of oxygen.

One thing that was missing in his address as per the news published is he has not asked the people to take up any task themselves.  He was putting these demands to the Government.  Government we all know are not  concerned about Global Warming.  What with old people sitting in the highest political seat waiting for their natural death will they every feel the security of people.

It is very imperative on our part to move forward ourselves and contribute our might to combat Global Warming. 

Joining Carbon Advice Group is a wise thing that we could do for combating Global Warming.